Women In The Ministry

Women In The Ministry

Who are the women of faith today? They are the many women leaders in Christian ministries world-wide. They are the many we see in Churches across the land locally, nationally and internationally; they are the many prophetesses, women in pastoral ministry, teachers, evangelists, helpers, administrators, generous givers, anointed singers, special event organizers, gifted speakers and platform guests,. They are women in the ministry doing the work of God in fulfillment the Great commission.

Often what these women of God need to prosper in their calling is a valid authority who is speaking into their lives continually. Daughters of Zion, I am pleased to inform you that my ministry team and I are ready to stand with you in prayer and spiritual warfare for the breakthrough you are seeking in your ministry.

If the Lord is speaking to your heart about putting your ministry under my spiritual covering and anointing, and if you feel that the right time and season for you to move forward is now, then take a bold step of faith to partner with us. It is time to cut off the head of the enemy of your soul and calling.

Oh Maidservant of the LORD, if you know this epistle is speaking to you, don’t delay, for it is time to receive a fresh touch from the Lord to break the stronghold of tradition over the call of God for your life.

Special Instruction for women in ministry:

O Maid Servant of God, As God’s humble servant, I feel a strong burden upon my heart to exhort you, to impart spiritual gifts into your life for the fruitfulness and fulfillment of your God-given assignment.

In order for this happen I need you to do the following spiritual exercise before contacting me.

  1. Set seven nights aside to seek and hear from God about partnering with me. Every night, without interruption, spend one hour, to seek the mind of Christ on this.
  2. During this period of seven days, do not share your intentions with anyone. Let it be between you and the Lord only.
  3. Write down everything the Lord has said to you during this seven nights of prayer time (i.e. songs, scripture passage, vision of the night, revelations, word of knowledge, etc..)
  4. At the end of the exercise, give God the glory by praising and worshipping Him for an hour or more, the 8th night.
  5. After doing this, when you believe the LORD is strongly directing you to partner with me to raise your ministry to the next level, contact me by email or telephone, with full detail of what the LORD has deposited in your heart during this prayer time.

Contact us at: adodzroh@shaw.ca


Love Offerings, Biblical Tithing & Donations

Bring all the tithes into the storehouse, That there may be food in My house, and try Me now in this,” Says the LORD of hosts, "If I will not open for you the windows of heaven and pour out for you such blessing that there will not be room enough to receive it."


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Our Mandate

Rev. J. Afodonko DODJRO


Our mandate is to minister total deliverance to the Body of Christ, the BLOOD bought children of the Most High God through the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

We have received a mandate from the Most High God according to Isaiah 61:1-3; to proclaim total deliverance to the captives through aggressive evangelism by constant spiritual warfare, prophetic intercessions, breakthrough prayers and fasting.

We believe that life and power, freedom and liberty in Christ, joy and gladness are our covenant rights by the account of the BLOOD of the LORD JESUS.