African-American People, Brothers and Sisters

Open letter to my fellow African-American brothers and sisters!

Dearly beloved African-American brothers and sisters in life, business, and ministry,

I desire to connect with you.

My name is Joseph Afodonko DODJRO from the West African Republic of TOGO. I am also one of Canada's African-American Christian speakers. I live in Canada from where I often travel to the USA for church or ministry-related assignments, or to meet with other African-American people. Each time I travel to the USA, each time I fellowship with my fellow African-American people I feel in my heart that there is a special connection between you and I.

Several times in Michigan, I have heard my fellow African-American brothers or sisters call me not by my name, but by “my brother from the Mother Land”. Usually I laughed off that designation but for more than a decade and half I have not been able to explain this feeling of connectedness I have toward you all. And so, today I want to address you through this unique medium available to me.

As the saying goes in West Africa, today “I am extending to you a hand of friendship.” I desire to allow you, my African-American people, to consider me your brother from the Mother Land from today on, for I desire to impart into your life, ministry, and destiny.

Whether you are in ministry or in business, male or female, you don’t have to have a special qualification to partner with me for success and practical wisdom. All you need, all I need, is the burning desire in you to connect with an African who also yearns to connect with you.

How then can we connect?

  1. If you are a pastor (male or female), or in business, I am prepared and willing to visit at your church to support you in ministry or in business, to invite you to Canada or elsewhere for fellowship..
  2. If you are an African-American brother or sister who just wants to connect with a brother from the Mother Land, I am available for you as well.
  3. Or if you are just a brother or sister who has questions, yours truly is willing to answer your questions. Just call me. First send me an email to tell me a little about yourself and I will make a phone appointment with you or by email to connect with you.

There are some intricate needs and yearnings in the soul or inner-man of every African-American man or woman that only a brother or sister from the Mother Land can assist in understanding. Connect Brother! Connect Sister!

Grace and Peace!

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Bring all the tithes into the storehouse, That there may be food in My house, and try Me now in this,” Says the LORD of hosts, "If I will not open for you the windows of heaven and pour out for you such blessing that there will not be room enough to receive it."


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Our Mandate

Rev. J. Afodonko DODJRO


Our mandate is to minister total deliverance to the Body of Christ, the BLOOD bought children of the Most High God through the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

We have received a mandate from the Most High God according to Isaiah 61:1-3; to proclaim total deliverance to the captives through aggressive evangelism by constant spiritual warfare, prophetic intercessions, breakthrough prayers and fasting.

We believe that life and power, freedom and liberty in Christ, joy and gladness are our covenant rights by the account of the BLOOD of the LORD JESUS.